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Ralph Lauren Cotton Polo Tee

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Ralph Lauren Cotton Polo Tee


Original Price:  $89.90

Selling Price: $39.90

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5 or more 36 each.

10 or more 32 each.

Product Specifications:-

Sizes: S, M, L

Colours: Red, Maroon, Orange, Green, Sky, Cornflower, Dodger, Persian, Navy, Lilac, Purple, Pink, White, Beige, Brown, Grey, Black

Material: 100% Cotton 

Made in: Cambodia 

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Q:What if the items are sold out?
A:Pre-orders can be made till the next shipment arrives.
Q:When will the next shipment be?
A:2-3 Weeks
Q:Is there a free delivery?
A:There will be a free delivery for orders above $100
Q:Is there a quantity discount?
A:Yes. 5 or more items can enjoy additional 2% off while 10 or more additional 6% off.
Q:What are your exchange and refund policy?
A:No refund but exchange can be made within 5 days after you receive the item. Ensure that all tags are in place with original packaging. No exchange allowed if the tags have been removed or packaging that has been damaged.
Q:Is Self-Pickup available?
Q:What is the nearest MRT station?
A:Potong Pasir or Taiseng
Q:Mode of payment?
A:Visa, Debit or Bank Transfer
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